Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photo Knocked Action

During my Sunday league playoffs a few weeks ago, a lot of players were around, waiting for 4 teams to finish, so 4 more teams could start their matches.

While everyone waited, I watched this scotch doubles gambling match on one of the very few open bar tables.  My friends' partner SUCKED lol.  He was missing easy shots.  Granted, they were only playing for $10, but still.

Finally my friend quit, about only $10 loser.

I raised my hand, for the symbol, "put me in coach"

He saw my hand raised, gave me a nod of approval, and got us another match up with them.

We lost the first game, but we won the second by running out.

While on the third game, one of other players comes up to me while I'm shooting, "Hey, isn't that you?" while he pointed up to the wall towards a team photo (from a first place pic from BCAPL Nationals in 2012).

"No, that's not me," as my partner and I try to ignore them and keep shooting.

"Yes it is, that's you!"

I reply smiling, "that's some other female pool player with blonde, curly hair."

We ran that one out and then they quit.



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