Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Texas BCAPL DVDs Arrived...

I actually ordered two DVDs from the BCAPL Texas State tourney held in April.

I ordered the streamed women's singles final (which I won) and also the streamed scotch doubles final (it went two sets), which my partner (Marty Jones) and I won, as well.

A BIG thank you to Rail2Rail TV for the stream and for the getting the matches on DVD!

I honestly only bought them to show to my best friend.  I don't really care to watch them alone. I only cared to show them to him so we could talk about my shots that led to my accomplishments. 

I was excited to be able to show him my shots in the finals of both divisions, because he couldn't be there in person.  And to share the experience with someone I cared about, was really all I cared about. 

Otherwise, I wont watch them alone.  I see no point.

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