Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bought Half Myself - Right Thing To Do

We had our Sunday/Monday end of season league tournament yesterday.

We got monies for our first place finish in the playoffs and also a cool first place plaque for each teammate.

Here I am with the trophy that will be given to our home bar:

Here is a pic of the teammates that came to the ceremony (a few teammates are missing):

I then played in the end of season tourney.  Only 2 girls out of 50 players.

I lose my very first match 3-2.  Hill-hill, ugh!  I feel like I played okay, but one mistake each game cost me the match.  

I had played in the very first round of matches called, and then lost.  Then had a bye on the one loss side, so I had a VERY long wait til my next match.

I decided to forfeit.  I really didn't want to stay around all that time, it could have been hours!  And it was already 3:30pm.  

I had already planned in my mind to go play poker at the casino after I was done.  The casino is called Winstar and it's about an hour north on the OK/TX border.  So, since that was already on my mind and my two girlfriends were going with me and waiting on me, I honestly didn't even care too much to stick around to play pool, lol.

As I say goodbye to a few friends, I finally found the guy who bought me in the calcutta.  He bid $40 on me, for some odd reason.  I think people were just being nice, as there was no way I could get in the top 8 to get in the calcutta money against all these great guy players!

I went up to him and said, "Hey, I never buy half myself in the calcutta."

"You don't?"  He asks me, not seeming too worried it.

"Yea, I don't.  But, I'm going to give you half because I'm about to leave and forfeit. "

I gave him $20.

I really felt it was the right thing to do, as I felt kinda bad I was leaving.

Prolly ass-backwards, but oh well!

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