Monday, July 28, 2014

Not Sharing Magic Rack

One of our scotch doubles teams in Vegas for BCAPL Nationals was using a Magic Rack.  We thought they should have told us we could use it (we broke first and didn't see they had a magic rack) because I remembered that if one uses it, then both can use it.

After they broke second, we asked if we could use the rack. They told us they asked a ref in the previous match and the ref said they didn't have to share it!


They said the ref said we would have to buy one.


While we thought balls go in more easily with the magic rack, my partner made a ball or more on the break every time and we didn't worry about it anymore. got me thinking.  So, I could use a magic rack during my singles matches?  I wasn't breaking well and maybe that would help.

But then I realized how horrible I would feel if I didn't let my opponents use the magic rack as well. Just thinking about it made me feel uneasy.  Like I would be cheating or trying to have an advantage, EVEN THO the rule is I don't have to share.

But I have such a huge heart (versus a competitive heart) and couldn't even fathom doing that.  Just not in my nature at all.

I would feel like I was being mean.  And I just could not do that. 

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