Saturday, July 26, 2014

Defensive Team Asshole

I was talking to my scotch doubles partner during a break between matches in Vegas.  This may surprise you,  but we didn't really know each other too well and never even had any convo before we played together for the first time in April, or even after that.  Living in different cities and being on different teams does that.

I asked him who was on his team playing in Vegas with him.  He told me all the names, and one guy I reacted with,  "I don't like that guy.  He's rude to me and says inappropriate things. "

"He is different, but I get along with him, once I figured out he's just kinda like that," he said kinda defending the guy.

I tried to reinforce just how crude he can be.

Then my scotch partners' response caught me off guard:  "well it's unfortunate he treats you that way and makes you feel uncomfortable, but it's always good to have an Asshole on every team."



He continues, "a defensive Asshole. 


"We had one, you know, in case our opponents had one."

He shared how one time a guy on the opposing team was making every one of his teammates re-rack a few times each game, and being real nitpicky.  He was frustrating all his teammates because he was being rude about it.   

As soon as his Asshole teammate played the rude guy,  his Asshole teammate made THAT guy re-rack like 15 times.  He said,  "In that one game, he made up for the entire team all the number of times the rude guy made us re-rack!"

Ahhhh, "defensive team Asshole,"  lol.  

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