Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roommate with a Twist

A many of you have guessed, I am going to the BCAPL Nationals in mid to late July.

I was not able to get a really low rate for a room at the Rio, like I normally could in the past.  Even though I am a Total Rewards card member, I could not find a decent room rate there at the Rio (where the tournament is held) and honestly, no where else even on the strip that wouldn't cost me an arm and leg.

I asked a league teammate if she had a roommate, as I would like to find someone who I could split the room cost with.  She said she already had a room, and several roommates.


I was going to ask a few more of my girlfriends, but then she called me back.

She asked, "what days I was going to be there?"  I told her just scotch doubles and singles.  She expressed she might be able to help, as two of her roommates weren't coming til the team events.

Really?  Cool!

She had to check with all the ladies not only for their dates of being in Vegas, but also if they were okay with an extra person staying there.

My girlfriend called me back about a week later.... she and said I could stay!

I was SO excited! 

While I haven't stayed with 4 total women in a room in a LONG time, I was willing to do it to save so much money! 

However, there was one little caveat.

One of the roommates told my friend, "I know the room is really your room, but if Melinda beats me in the tournament, I'm kicking her out."


I love my friends!  :)

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