Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reviewing Straight Pool Videos

A friend of mine is going to the Straight pool tournament in New York in the beginning of August.  I offered to let him borrow some of my favorite straight pool videos, so he can study and maybe it will help him be more prepared.

Since I have JUST started to play straight pool at the house again, after I found the videos, I decided to watch three of them this weekend before I handed the bunch over to my friend.

I LOVE these videos and highly recommend them if you get a chance to buy them or view them.


Pat Fleming's Break Shots, instructional video.


Pat Fleming's Key Balls, instructional video.

BOTH videos can be found at this link on   These two videos are EXCEPTIONAL for reviews for break shots and key balls - prolly the most important points of straight pool.  I actually watched each video twice this weekend.


Phil Capelle's Break Shots DVD (it also comes with a book).  Another great resource to watch and learn from about break shots.

I'm glad I offered the videos, or else I wouldn't have watched them.  And now I know they will help me do better in my renewed interest in straight pool (for the moment, lol).  It's amazing how helpful they were - I had forgotten most of the important tips and pointers and I know reviewing these will help me improve my high runs!

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