Monday, September 15, 2014

No Favoritisms

I wrote in my last blog entry (my personal recap of the previous Omega tourney) that I would write about the front table I had to play on for my second match.

I mentioned I was at the bottom of the bracket so had a long time to wait.  As a matter of fact, we held the Poison Break contest at 8pm, and I must have racked 10 times or more until someone finally made some balls.  We did the Poison Break Contest on the very front table.

It latest until at least 9pm.

Then I called the next match, and low and behold my match was next.

And that front table was the next table to be used.

Here is my free-hand schematic, lol.  The break contest was on the table marked "x" and the long rectangles are where people sit and watch.

I could have easily skipped my match and played the next match on that front table where everyone would be watching, but that is not right or fair.  My match was next.  Yes it was the front table.  Yes, so what - no dibs or favoritisms - I was up, that was the next open table.

That's the way it should be at all times.  No favoritism even for myself.

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