Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I understand when players show their emotions whether they are happy or upset.

But some players turn downright nasty and mean when they get upset.

I have seen it so many times.  Player is gambling and winning and they are smiling, joking, laughing,  and interacting more with the people around them.

But when they get upset, threatened, mad at rolls, pissed they are losing to a weaker player, they actually lash out.  The don't just show they are upset, they are simply downright mean.

Mean to their opponents, mean to anyone.  I have been lashed into after someone is upset how badly they placed in one of the Omega Tournaments before.

"I got paid about as much as a weekly tournament," He snapped at me in my face.

While I understand he was upset, lashing out at me because HE got beat or dogged it is not really right.

Another time, this same player was upset during league playoffs at my team.

They were losing and he was standing behind a few of us, bad mouthing a player on my team.  Even being intentionally being loud enough to be heard by the player at the table.

"He should have taken stripes.  He has no idea what he is doing.  He doesn't know how to win."

We ended up winning (that was the hill-hill game) but for him to be so vocally mad to shark my teammate was pretty crappy.

But, some players just can't contain their negative emotions.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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