Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Never Be Too Proud to Change a Plan

When playing most billiard games,  you might be right on target for your planned run.

But sometimes, you get bad shape and now your path to run out will be derailed.  That's okay.  There is always a Plan B... or even a Plan C!

Even when playing scotch doubles, you two might be on the same course of the run, but sometimes you will find yourself with decision time - maybe bad shape or you see the perfect safe presented to you.

If you have a good partner, they will understand if you choose a different option than what was in the original plan.

Although sometimes you might feel embarrassed to play a safe in 9-ball becuase you failed good shape, don't be too proud to change your plan.

You are here to win.   Dont ever fret if you change your mind.  Do what's correct for the situation in front of you.

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