Thursday, September 18, 2014

Combo Tip - A Different Possibility

One shot that is always tricky are combos.

I have written about frozen combos, even did a video about them.

But non-frozen combos are little touchy tricksters!

First of all, never ever in a million years play a combo with ball-in-hand.

Second, unless you are a combo master and you have practiced them til you dream about them, they are really tough.

You think you know where the first ball is going and instead you get bad shape with the ball and then of course the cueball, too.  And just like that, there went your run.

Even when hitting a combo soft, that pesky first ball doesn't sit in front of the pocket like you imagined. And the cueball has really messed the shot up.

Well, sometimes the best option (SOMETIMES) is to instead hitting the combo soft, is to hit it hard.  Yes, hard.  This isn't for every combo, but when you know you will have a good chance of being able to move that first ball around to where you will have a good next shot.  Focus more on the cueball with this shot.

This is sometimes so much better than slow rolling a combo and hoping the cueball lands perfectly for that first ball that you hoped landed well, also.

I did that in my last tourney successfully.  I was glad I remembered this from my arsenal!

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