Wednesday, September 17, 2014

League Support

On my Thursday night ladies league,  I'm on a new team and they asked me to play so I could help them.  I go over shots and safes with them after matches to help out.  They also ask questions and I gladly give my opinion of what I would do in certain situations.

I realized the other day, though, that I need to be more supportive and watch my teammates' games even more.

Not to help them with shots per say, but to encourage them more.   When they make a good shot or safe,  I need to be watching closer so I can be more vocal for them.

How encouraging it would be to know (1) a good teammate is watching me and (2) I can hear them giving me kudos from the sidelines during my match!  It would really pump me up.  So I want to pump them up, too.

That's why they asked me to be on the team - to help!

Plus, this way when they ask me about a shot, I will already know the layout because I was paying attention more.

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