Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Play at the Omega Stop # 6 of 2014

At the sixth stop of the Omega Billiards Tour, I was lucky enough to get a bye first.  This was helpful because there was a lot to do as the Tourney Director.  I'm lucky to have help with Heather and Dana, so I'm even able to play!

On this tour I'm a 6.  So, I race to 6.

I had to play a 6 first.  Gosh I was playing good!  But when I got ahead 5-2, I missed a 6 ball.  And I could tell I lost focus.  I don't know what it is lately, but it's very tough for me to remain focused for an entire match and JUST FINISH it.

I didn't capitalize on his mistakes and it went hill-hill.  But, I noticed he missed late in the rack and sure enough he did also on the last game and I was able to finally win.  Whew!

Me on Saturday during my first match.

The next match was many, many hours later (I was at the bottom of the bracket of 81 players), and played on the very front table (which I will write about in a separate blog entry).  But, as you all know, I don't look around, so I tried not to notice all the people that could be watching b/c of the table was right up front.

I played a good 7.  But, also know from watching him gamble for a couple of years that he can miss sometimes late in the rack.  I played real good in the beginning of the match, but then I noticed in the middle of the match, I was missing in the middle of the rack.  I was giving up games, when instead I should have been out.

As I have written about before, it's important to figure out early what is going on BEFORE it's too late.  I figured out I needed to focus more on 3-ball shape because I was missing tough shots.  I would miss less if I was able to get good shape to easily move to the next ball.  I wasn't doing that.

However, I admit I got a little lucky.  He missed a long straight-in 9-ball and 2 8-balls which kept me in the game.  At hill-hill, he scratches on the 2 ball.


My heart was beating out of my chest, but I ran out!  I won!  I was in til Sunday on the winner's side.  OMG!!

The next morning, I'm playing someone I actually bought in the calcutta.  But, that wasn't even on my mind - I wanted to beat him!

He was a 6 also but I knew he was a TOUGH 6.  He said up front, "I know you play good."  I countered easily, "I know you do, too."

It was SUPER hot this morning and I had to put my hair up, which I hardly ever do.  And with no hair clip, it made for a weird looking "do."  lol  But, it was too hot for me to keep it down.

With my hair up

He is a really nice guy (new Dad) and while I played REAL good in the beginning, he played MUCH better in the end.  I ended up checking my text messages during my match and admit I got distracted.  I then missed a safe on an 8 ball, when I was up 3-1, but he got out and then just played a lot better while I was dealing with my text messages.  Totally my fault for checking them, but I don't know if I could have overcome his great play anyway.  It was impressive!

And my little horse kept on.  :)  (he would eventually place 7th, just-in the calcutta money and I got half of $275 of my $20 bid!)

I then played a 7.  I have watched him gamble a lot also and I know he plays real well.  So, I was prepared for the onslaught.  But, what I wasn't prepared for was how well I PLAYED.



My final match

As a matter of fact, I was playing so good, I kinda got ahead of myself.  I was about to get up 3-0 when I got PERFECT from the 3 to the 4 to the 6 ball.   Until.... as I was looking for my shape to get on the 8ball from the 7 and 6, I see the 5ball is STILL ON THE TABLE.  And... of course I'm hooked!  Omg.  lol.  I kicked at it, but missed.

Man, that could have been a whole different ball game had I won that match - I was playing SO good!!

And then he simply prevailed and although I still played well, I missed an 8ball and a 7ball.  Too costly against good players.

I was told by several players they didn't know I played that well and I surprised them.    :)))

That makes me SO happy!

I placed 17th out of 81 players and got Last Lady again (two tourneys in a row!).

I was VERY happy with my play, although I still have a long way to go!

I'm ready.  :)

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