Friday, September 5, 2014

Forming Teams Can Be Tough

Forming teams can be so tough.

When you are putting teams together for either league or state or big tourneys,  feelings are going to get hurt.

It's a fact.

Think back on the days as a child.  When players were picked to rummage for basketball or football or even kickball, the best kids were always chosen first.  The less talented kids were the "leftovers" (as my neighbors called me, lol).

Eventually I was picked for a team, as there was no one left!  And it hurt to be last.

I became real good at kickball and tether ball (for whatever reason) and soon I was one of the firsts to be chosen for those teams.

But in the beginning of learning any game/sport, no one is picked right off the bat.  Takes time to improve.   Takes time to show what you got so that people want you on the team.

Same with forming pool teams.

Same with interviewing for a job.

It's like many other things in life.

And it's not personal.  It's not about hurting feelings.  But.... lets face it, feelings DO get hurt.  :(

Although it's not easy to be picked last, though, it is part of human nature I suppose.

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