Thursday, June 20, 2013

Women's League Playoff's

My Thursday night league is a women's-only league and we had our playoffs two weekends ago.  My team happened to win the playoffs last year.  Would we repeat?

The top bottom of the teams play in the Best of the Rest the weekend before, but since we were the first place team in the rankings, we played in the second weekend, called the Best of the Best.  We also got a bye first round.  :)

We play our first match at noon against a strong team but we come out on top.

We play our next match at 6pm, against the 2nd-ranked team, and we come out on top!

We then find ourselves in the finals on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

While we are waiting for our opponent, we have a round of drinks with friends, and of course we captured it somehow:

The finals go kinda slow, but we prevail again!!  And we win!  We won the league playoffs!  OMGosh!

Here are my teammates, Nina, Joey, Courtney, Sandy, Janet, and myself.  Go GBA!! 

I am SO proud of my team for another fantastic win in the playoffs and for capturing first place in the rankings!

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