Friday, June 7, 2013

Scotch Tops

Brian and I won another scotch doubles tourney on Memorial Day.  :)


We went to The Stadium, near the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium, and played in their inaugural scotch doubles event.  Tom, the owner, had a cookout and everything. 

There were 15 teams and 4 really well-kepted bar tables.

Brain ran the calcutta for them and the Pick of the Litter bid went to our friend Shane, who picked us.  (blush)

In our first match, we should have lost 0-2, but somehow won 2-1.  I made a couple of mistakes and noticed Brian wasn't happy with me, but this time he didn't say a word.  Problem is, he still shows it on his face and in his mannerisms.

Women are so funny, we say, "It's okay" when our partners do something wrong on the table.  Yet when we do something wrong, they don't console us, they get upset (and some guys verbalize it).

Speaking of, one of the ladies who plays in the scotch doubles tourneys in the area with us normally plays with a guy that's gets on to her ALL the time.  She is constantly trying to defend herself or trying to calm him down.  This time, she played with someone else!  They placed further than she normally does with the "verbal abuser" and she obviously looked like she had a lot more fun!

Brian and I got through that first match by our skivvies, and then dominated and went undefeated to win the top prize!

I was so happy he didn't offer advice or suggest I did something wrong.  We know we both play so much better together when we are just supportive.  I was glad we practiced this "non-verbalism" because BCAPL Nationals is right around the corner and we need that good reminder going into that important tourney.


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