Saturday, June 8, 2013

Men, Women, Pool, Equal?

I have alluded a few times in my blog to the fact that I believe that men play better than women when it comes to pool.

Almost every time I hint at it, I get a comment from someone about it.

There are many people who are passionate about the idea that there is no physical difference between men and women playing pool (except maybe the break) and therefore we should be equal competitors in the sport (I often wonder the same thing about poker). 

People get so passionate about the topic regarding pool, that they argue about it.  Either in person, or on forums.

I have seen SO many posts about this topic, that I wont even read them anymore on forums because it's almost like how you shouldn't talk about religion or politics, lol.  People get too passionate about the topic.

Someone asked me after my latest comment about men and women, would I write a blog about that topic?  Would I explain why I think men play better than women.


But, it's not the normal blog I write.  Instead, I'm going to point you to a fellow blogger who already wrote about this topic in detail.  No reason to rehash how well she explains why men and women do indeed have differences when it comes to pool and why men compete better and finish higher;  she stated it well already.

In fact, here is an excerpt that sums up my sentiments exactly: 
I agree, side by side I don’t think women are at a disadvantage physically when it comes to pool. It’s the inner workings of our brain that really separate us. Given pool’s more a mental sport rather than reactionary, I think it’s women’s thoughts & emotions that give us more obstacles to success.
Also, please, PLEASE read the comments under the blog entry.  There's some really great thoughts from my friend Jennifer, and others provide links for further reading.

Without further ado, my dear friend, Gail Glazebrook and her blog entry: "Let's Talk About Sex."

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