Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Questions From Non Pool Players

I know you can all relate to this, but wanted to get it down in words anyway.

When someone finds out you play pool, and play well, we get the same questions.  Almost every time! 

This happened to me just the other day.  Thought I would blog the questions and maybe get some chuckles from you, as I know you can all relate!

BTW, my answers really weren't this short, but for brevity, I shortened them for this entry.

You play pool?


Are you good?


Will I see you on ESPN?

(no, just an amateur)

But you're real good?


We'll have to play some day.

(okay; but I only pay for money (half joking))

Well, I used to play when I was (younger... or....in college.... or.... in the military....)

(Cool. )

I play pretty good when I've been drinking.

(okay, really can play for money (j/k))

Do you have your own cue?


Do you have a table at home?


So that's why you are good!

(no, just got it a about a year ago and hardly play on it)

Are you a pro?


How much money did you make in the tournament?


That's it?

(yes, pool isn't like golf or tennis, but some of the top male players can make a living)

Why do you play, then?

(it's my passion)

You mean 'hobby'?

(no, passion, there's a difference)

Wait, men and women play the same, right?  There is no physical difference.

(no, there is still differences)

Will I see you on ESPN, though, really?

(maybe in the audience)

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