Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bantering with Teammates

At the BCAPL State tourney, I along with all the other Open players had to race to 5 in the women's 8ball division.  If one was an Advanced player, then you had to race to 6.  This was noted with the letter "A" next to your name on the scoresheet.

So I play one of my teammates in my very first match of the second day, at 10am.  This is for 9th place.  We are both happy to still be in the tourney, but we also pick on each other because we love being teammates.  :)

She sends me a text and asked if I was awake about 30 minutes before our 10am match.

I replied, "Um, yes."

She replies, "You better bring your game because I plan to kick your ass." 

I said, "Same to you. LOL."

As I finished getting ready, I then sent her another text.

"Hey, they moved our match to noon.  See you then."

She replies, "Really?  Who told you that?  I heard they just moved it to 1pm."


We are both screwing with each other, basically saying we don't want to play each other because it's gonna be a tough match.

Our match had not moved at all and was still planned as scheduled for 10am.

I get there about 9:50am and go to our table.  She already has the score-sheet at our assigned table but she is in the bathroom.

I look down at our score sheet and the bitch wrote an "A" next to my name!!

Funny girl!!

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