Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Second Queen of the Hill Title

Two Friday's ago I played at Diamond Jim's in Arlington/Grand Prairie, Texas.  On Friday nights, they have a separate ladies event from the men.  I have said this before but it is SO cool to be able to have a weekly ladies-only tourney in the area to play in!

There were only about 12 girls or so in it, but I was still happy to be able to play.  And then it got better.

As I played my very first match, I was ELATED!

I was seeing the table SO well.  The layouts, the runs, how to get on tough balls.  I was almost shocked how well I was playing.

I won the tourney not only undefeated, but not one person got a game on me!  In a race to 2, that's pretty cool.  :)

The next weekend, I would play at the same venue in the Queen of the Hill tournament, which is the end-of-season singles tourney for my ladies Thursday night league.

I won this event last year.  So, this was my second time playing in it.

We were all very disappointed when only 11 girls showed up.  :(  We aren't sure what is going on, but the league has about 85 players in the league.

I figured the calutta would be CRAP.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that $505 total would be in the pot after the bidding was complete!  We were all mostly bidding on each other, lol.

Well, I didn't bid on anyone, as I didn't have that much money and plus, I had faith in myself so saved my cash-on-hand to buy half myself.

I could tell ALL morning I wasn't feeling IT.  I could tell I would be struggling this day.  I tried very hard to recall how well I played just the Friday before, but the feeling wasn't the same for some reason.

And it showed in my performance. 

I had 3 or 4 hill-hill matches, including being down 0-2 in the finals.  I somehow overcame being mentally agitated about how long the finals was taking, and won 3 in a row to win the tourney and the title and first place.  But I missed a lot of balls and didn't have much focus except for maybe two matches the entire day.  

But, I held on and won!

Here is my fellow teammate and I, Nina (first and second place):

And the brackets (click to enlarge if you are bored, lol)

So, first place monies ($105), calcutta ($305/2).    Not too bad for a $10 dollar tourney (house matched the pot) and going for $160 in the calcutta.

Thank you to all my friends and supporters!  Means the world to me!

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