Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Ask Me?

While being slightly offended (in a funny way) during one of my matches last weekend during the Omega Tour, nothing really compares to what happened with another opponent.

I swear I can't even make this stuff up.

Yet, it does give me blog material, lol.

In my second match over the weekend, I look at the charts and see I have to play a guy I defeated during the Omega stop just last month.  I was very happy I beat him last month as he is a tough cookie.

However, this time was a completely different outcome.  He kicked my ass!  I think I only got 1 game.  He played GREAT!  I missed only a few balls, but he got out every time.  If I played safe early in the game, he would simply find a way to make that ball and then he ran out.  I didn't have many chances at all this match-up.  He played really good!

However, after the match he says, "now we are 1-1."

I admit I didn't think that was too friendly.  Why even say that after you beat me?  I didn't get upset over it, just thought it was kinda weird to say it out loud to me.  However, nothing would compare to what he would say to me the following day.  NOTHING.

As Tournament Director of the Omega Tour, I figured out early from its inception that it's best to play the final 24 players on Sunday.  They are all "in-the-money" and it works out best for a 2-day tournament with 80-100 players.

The guy who defeated me the previous day loses his first match Sunday morning.  Then he wins his next, but falters after that.  He still did great, though, placing 13th out of 83 players.

After he loses, almost 30 minutes later or more I would guess, he comes up to me.

So, let me set the stage here.  There are about 40 people in the pool room at this moment.  And he comes up to me.  ME.  And says this:

"How can I play almost perfect against you yesterday and today I can barely play well.  Does that happen to anyone else?"

I sat there dumbfounded.  The guy sitting next to me turns away and starts laughing he's so shocked.

I look down, and try to compose my thoughts.  I then look up at him fairly quickly and say, "why in the world would you ask the one person you played so well against and beat down yesterday that question?"

He stammers and doesn't know what to say.

I then stop thinking of the way I'm feeling and be a good steward and add, "yes, we all go through that.  We all do that."  I share, trying to reassure him.

And then he seems surprised, "Really?  It's not just me?"

I am taken aback by his reaction.  Does he REALLY seriously think he's the only person that happens to?  The man is like, I dunno, 60 years old or something.  He HAS to have experienced this before.  He HAS to know he isn't the only one who doesn't play well consistently from match to match.

The guy next to me also shares that it happens to him, too. 

I added, "yes, it happens to everyone."

He seems relieved and then he says shyly, "I'm sorry if I came across wrong, I didn't mean anything by it."

You don't mean anything by it?  There are TONS more people in this room you are friends with and yet you come up to me to ask that question?


I just told him, "it's okay."

I am trying to indicate, obviously, that I'm not really the right person to ask that after you kicked my ass the previous day, lol, but in all honesty, I really didn't mind.  It was simply confusing he would ask me of all people.

But, I think he just needed to vent his disappointment that he felt bad about how he played that day.  I told him, "at least you won one match and defeated Phillip - that's a tough opponent."  Trying to point out he shouldn't feel all that deflated and he did have some really good moments today.

Still funny, though.

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