Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Giving 9-Balls in Return?

I was taught a long time ago never to give up the 9-ball (or 8-ball), even if it's straight in, even if it's easy.  It was instilled in me over and over again by June Hager Walter back in the mid 90s, so I just don't give the final shot away in my matches.  I always make my opponent shoot the money ball, even if it's an easy shot.

I've actually stuck by this "personal rule" my whole life.  The few times that I didn't, which I can count on one hand in the last 20 years, was because I was super pissed and gave them the shot lol.  Otherwise, it can be straight and you can be up 6-0 on me and I'll still make you shoot it.

I played in a match in the last Omega Tour stop and my opponent was not making me shoot the easy 9-ball shots.  But when he got perfect position for an easy 9-ball, I sat in my chair, and still made him shoot it.

It got me thinking.... does a player all the sudden feel that because they're not getting the same respect in return that maybe they won't give away 9-balls to that opponent anymore?   Or do they still give the easy 9-ball shots anyway?  Because that's the type of person they are?

I've actually seen someone miscue on a short and straight in 9-ball.   I've also seen where someone shoots the money ball so hard it flies off the table.  


I'll take it!

But, again, I wonder when I don't give them the same mutual admiration as they are doing to me on easy 9-ball shots, what do they feel about it?

Seriously.  Do they think, "well F her, then, I'm gonna make her shoot ALL the easy 9-balls from here on out!"  Or, do they not even care, and still don't make me shoot the easy 9-balls?

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