Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did I Hook You? Who Cares!

Every one has one pet peeve (or more, lol) that really gets under their skin. 

For some people, it's not setting correctly the chalk "up" on the table.  Others it might be someone simply practicing on the table next to their match that really gets them upset.  There are a TON of things I could mention that gets under player's skin, but other people don't even notice or care or even give two thoughts to it.

Mine is simple and easy:  If you hook me, whether intentional or not, when you check out to see if I'm hooked, instead of just walking to your chair, THAT is my pet peeve.

Why not just go sit your ass down?  Do you think it's really cool to get in my way so you can go see if I am hooked or not?  Do you think it shows professionalism and etiquette to check if you just shit-hooked me? 

You will know soon enough if I am hooked or not by how I shoot at the ball.  But my question is this:  DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

If you hook me, what does that mean to yourself as you finally walk to your chair? 

Seriously asking that question, lol.

To me it doesn't mean much because I can still hit the ball either on the edge or with a kick. 

It's even funnier to me (i.e. more annoying) when people walk around the table to check out the shot they left me when they ACCIDENTALLY might have hooked me.  Listen, we have all played pool enough to know when a safe is intentional or we got lucky and hooked our opponents.  No reason to be mean and see if I'm hooked "good" or not by pure luck, lol.

You will never, ever see me "check" to see if I hooked you (intentional safe or not).  It's not even in my being to be that rude to you.  I would prefer to get out of your way and sit down in my assigned seat.  My shot is over; it's your turn.  I go away, you come to the table.  I will know soon enough if you are hooked or not.

What is your pet peeve?


Guelphdad said...

Thing that bothers me the most (during league or otherwise) is people at the table beside you not checking to see if you are shooting on that side of the table and bumping into you because they didn't look.

Melinda said...

Oooh - that's a good on, too! It's like they think they are the only ones in the room! So rude to not be considerate.

Anonymous said...

When someone is practicing the same shot over and over next to your table and is constantly in your way, when they could shoot the same shot on the other side of their table.

Melinda said...

That's a good one, too. Why aren't they more courteous when we are in matches?

Guelphdad said...

Last year at a big event we play teams on two tables at a time. A different division was finishing up and their last game was on a single table. My team (and the team we were about to play) were courteous enough to wait for that hill/hill match to finish, leaving the other table empty. Soon after we start our match and doesn't someone come up and start to hit balls next to the one table, meanwhile there are another five or six tables in the room!

Melinda said...

I don't even understand things like that. Isn't is common sense NOT to do that? I hope you guys still won!