Friday, July 29, 2016

No Pool In Vegas

I went to Vegas last week to hang out with friends who were playing in the BCAPL Nationals.

I had decided a few months ago not to play in the tournament itself, so was only really going for vacation (which turns out I desperately needed but didn't realize how much I needed it) and also to see some friends I only get to see in Vegas every year for that event.

As I made my way to the Rio on Friday morning of the event, which scotch doubles was going on, I slowly made my way into the venue, a tad frightful of how I would feel.  Even I admit I was afraid that seeing everyone play the beautiful game of 8-ball on the fine-ass diamond bar tables was going to pull at my heart strings and made me wish I was playing.

I was surprised - I didn't get even one feeling or twinge of "I wish"! 

I was so relieved! 

It was obvious I had made the correct decision to not play.  I got to just relax on my terms and with no time constraints.  I did not have to worry about setting an alarm clock, did not have to mentally prepare for matches, did not have to rush to the venue, was not stuck in the convention center for hours, etc.  Instead, I got to walk the strip, have great meals with great friends (or solo), sit by the pool, gamble, shop, etc. Oooh, sounds like a vacation! 

While it saddens me a little to break my around-20-year-streak of playing in the event, I was happy to be able to have a vacation not involving pool.  I AM glad the event was going on because I was able to spend quality time with a lot of friends, tho.  For that I am grateful.  Had a lot of wonderful talks and catching up.

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