Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Staying Under the Radar

I got a call from Billiards Digest (well, the magazine itself didn't call me lol), and they wondered if I had a recommendation for their Spotlight Player of the Month.

I immediately thought of someone and they contacted him to set up an interview. 

The interview date and time came and went, and next you know I'm getting called because they can't get a hold of the guy anymore. 

Turns out the guy chickened out.  Although he appreciated the opportunity and that he was chosen, he wants to remain under the radar for future potential gambling purposes.

While part of me understands this, the other part of me doesn't.  I think it's a huge compliment and how COOL is it to be interviewed and then printed in a magazine! 

But, I suppose if you play pool for a living and gamble at tournaments, you wouldn't want your name in lights. 

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