Thursday, January 7, 2016

How You Treat People

We all know certain players to be assholes, or shy, or outcasts, or different, or just not all there.

As a Tournament Director, I am in a leadership role.

As such, I try and treat everyone the same, even the "assholes" that no one likes or want to talk to.  Or the shy, different ones that everyone avoids.

But I proudly admit that I tend to smile more to all the "outcasts," or make it a point to say good morning more to them, or maybe try to make a joke so maybe they'll crack a smile for me.

I recognize that the "outcasts" are not very talkative and quite frankly, not being talked to by a lot of the players.  I have even heard other Tournament Directors pass judgement on them.

I go out of my way to try and make them feel comfortable, though, or least try and make them smile.  I don't avoid them like most people do, I am in a role where I can hopefully add a little bit of comfort or see their face light up a little bit.

I'm actually a very shy person, but in this element of running a tournament, it's really a role that I embrace and try to ensure the players have a comfortable atmosphere to play in. 

A little friendship goes a long way.

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