Thursday, January 14, 2016

Learn from Dennis Orcollo vs Corey Deuel 10-Ball Match (video clip)

Here is a great match to self train with!

Dennis Orcollo and Corey Deuel, 2013 10-ball finals, U.S. Bar Table event Reno.

Camera man is very close to the players and table on all the shots throughout the match.

You can really study front hand “bridge hand” back hand “stroke hand and  grip”  many times.

Also, eye pattern with shooting and overall playing the runouts and game.

Also, stance and strategy is all very clear, as well as observing “bear down“ that happens a lot.

See how many times the player will not rush and at times will get up off the shot until he is sure of what and how he wants to execute.

These champions are really determined and their determination is shown (you'll see it).

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