Saturday, January 2, 2016

Leagues Are GREAT!

Leagues really are good for your game and I am where I am today because of them. 

So, please don't mistake my complaints yesterday about the payouts, or me wanting to take a break from league as a sign that leagues aren't good.  Because, leagues ARE GOOD.

The learning experiences you will gain will WAY out-measure the amount of money you make. 

Leagues have helped me become a State Champion and a National Champion!  Leagues help you get out of the house, get you around friends, help you develop great friendships, give you a lot of practice under pressure, allow you to take trips to state tourneys and national tourneys, etc.

And most importantly, the experience you gain from playing in leagues helps you become a better player!

I am a HUGE advocate for leagues.  It's one of the main reasons our pool game get better.

ENJOY those leagues and all those learning experiences and memories you are making!  One of the most memorable parts of a pool players life revolves around league events and the people in them.  :) 

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