Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Using a Bridge - Advice

During the team event at ACS Nationals, one of our opponents were from San Antonio and they are friends of ours.

One of them is actually a really good friend of mine.
She is a fantastic shooter, too!

She is short (not sure of her height but she has to be close to 5 foot or less) and when she used a bridge and NAILED a really tough shot for the win, I complimented her on it.

I exclaimed, "WOW, hell of a shot!  Especially with a bridge!   I don't think I could have made it withOUT the bridge."

She replies, "Well, I sleep with a bridge."

And we all laughed, imaging her with a bridge in her bed next to her, lol.

"No seriously, I actually try to run out an entire rack, every shot, with a bridge.  I practice this because of my height."

This is a very good tip for ALL heights, my friends.  

One day I want to try this out.  I bet it's tougher than we realize!  (esp since I can barely run a rack out without the bridge, lol).  
But, this is a great tip that I wanted to share!

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