Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Omega Tour Representing!

It was pretty sweet when fellow Omega Tour player and I both won titles at the ACS Nationals Championships!

Tony Sulsar won the Men's Advanced 8-Ball division by double dipping his opponent in the finals.  And I won the Women's 9-Ball singles division two days before.

We BOTH wore our blue Omega Tour shirts on the day we won, respectively.  It was pretty cool!

Took me a few days to get our pic taken together, but here we are during a team event break:

Also, after the team event, one of the Omega Tour players stated this on Facebook:  "Really proud of myself this year. I helped out my team getting the wins we needed. Thanx Melinda Bailey for getting me into the Omega Tour. Its really helped out with the nerves!!!!'"

When I read this, I teared up.  It REALLY meant a lot.  One of the reasons for starting up the Omega Tour is to make dreams come true and to help players improve their game.  And there was proof already!  Makes my heart smile.  :)

Omega Tour Rocks!  :)

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