Friday, June 27, 2014

Different Way to Rack 9-Ball - Video Clip

Last weekend I was at my Sunday league playoffs.  Towards the end of Saturday night, two of the top players left at the pool room decided to gamble.

They were playing 9 ball, I think $10 or $20 a game.   They were racking their own racks.

One of the players finally gets his first win and so he starts to rack for himself.

But he uses ALL 15 balls to rack!

I was thinking to myself, "Omg this guy can't be THAT drunk can he, that he doesn't remember he's playing 9-ball?"

Check out how he racks 9-ball:

Whew!  He is still playing 9-ball.

Unconventional, yes.  And first time I had ever seen racking 9-ball like this.

As I look back at the video, I bet he got a really tight rack of 9-ball doing it this way!

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