Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tournament Director Playing in a Tourney Still a Tourney Director

Being the Tournament Director of the Omega Billiards Tour, I am the person to call upon when you need a shot called or someone to talk about any issues.  And now that I play in the tourneys myself, I'm finding myself in "interesting" situations during my matches.  This past tournament had the most interruptions so far for this.

Now, I'm more here to run the tournament FIRST, not play in the tournament, so the other players come first.

Usually it's just, "hey can you call a hit?"

And then I leave my match to walk to another table to call a shot.  

Easy Peasy.

The thing is, what about my opponent?   Either it could be my turn at the table and I have to walk away from my run to call a shot. Or it's my opponents' turn at the table and I walk away hoping they remain honest (normally they stop play, but sometimes they don't).

Well, at this past event it was much, much worse.  I had to leave my match to figure out if something was a foul or not and it took a lot of time looking things up and asking others.  I felt bad for my opponent but luckily they understood.

However,  this next instance was even worse. AND in the same match!

I'm about to get up and shoot because it's my turn at the table, but a new player comes near me and sits down next to me. 

"I know you are in a match, but I just wanted you to know that I don't deal with cheaters and I am going to forfeit."

I'm thinking to myself, "Um, okay."

Being the person I am, though, I take the time to I ask him about it.  And of course also ask him not to forfeit.

I give him my full, complete attention as I can tell he's very upset.

I see someone looking at us from the next table, as I'm looking in that direction to talk to this guy. And I can tell this discussion is bothering the other guy now.

I sat there very, very patiently listening to let him vent, and also trying to convince him he should really stay and play.  But he said he was too upset and he knew it would affect his other matches.

It must have been at least a 10 minute conversation, I swear.   I just kept trying to let him vent and talk while I comforted him by acknowledging his situation. (Leadership 101).

Finally, the guy on the next table can't take it anymore and says nicely, "You know you are interrupting her match."

The player then apologized and quickly left the area.  The the other guy was now able to play, and then I was able to continue in my match after apologizing to my OWN opponent (who luckily was very understanding).

The upset player stayed and played, which I'm very glad!

And I thanked the guy who intervened.   He didn't have to do that at all. 

And I somehow managed to win that match, but it's just the type of situation that tournament directors deal with.  I don't mind as long as the players don't mind.  Because I do call shots a lot, even if I have to leave my current match.

You might be thinking I should get help when I am in matches but a lot of disagreements can come up and I'd rather be the person who takes all the heat and deals with any difficult situations, not players volunteering for the Tour.

Plus, I really don't mind. 

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