Monday, June 2, 2014

Think Ahead on Safeties

The other night at league, I found myself in this situation after my opponent missed her 7ball:  (click photos to enlarge)

I told myself that it meant MORE to hide the cueball, than to make the ten ball.  I had to slide over enough to NOT leave a shot on her 7-ball.


As soon as I focused more on the safe, and missed my bank, I saw that she could play a devilish safety on me.  And she did!  :(


I was able to hit my ten ball, but that still left her with another shot at the safety, to which she hit even better the second time.  That gave her ball in hand and an easy win.

This is a reminder to THINK AHEAD.

I normally do, but didn't this time.

I should have just nailed the bank, which would have given me a shot on the 8ball no matter where my cueball landed (or I could have played a safe then, if somehow I didn't have a shot on the 8ball).


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