Friday, June 13, 2014

New Table

I was in the position back in Nov/Dec to acquire this lovely 8 foot table for my living room:

I used to have a 9 foot table, but I had to sell it back in September.  Yep, I cried!  And I wish I still had it today and never had to sell it!!! 

Anyway, this new one has new felt and shimmed up pockets (not super tight but not buckets), but I hadn't played on it but MAYBE 2 times.

Well, last weekend I cleaned the entire house and organized and decided to even clean off the pool table and stop using it as a shelf and storage area, lol. 

So, there it sits... all clean.  lol.

I don't normally practice at all.  Maybe I should have left it as a table....  hehe.

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