Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photo Pressure

I played the last match of my Sunday league back in early May. 

One of my teammates brought a couple of older relatives with him. 

I play two of my games and notice they are clapping for me a lot.  I don't mind support; it was cool.

But then I see my teammate point to a photo on the wall, and then point to me.  "I was like OMG are you really showing them that?"

It was the team pic from when my ladies team won the BCAPL Women's Team Open back in 2012.

Of course after that I felt so much pressure, that I of course didn't play as well.

I walk by them to play another match and they ask me, "are you the best player here? " 

"No, no," laughing with embarrassment, "THAT guy is, " pointing to THEIR relative.

It's amazing how much pressure we put ourselves under lol.  I could not play well after that.  Ugh.

You would think success would give you confidence.....but not all the time.  Sometimes we add invisible pressie to ourselves.   

 I need to figure this out.  Happened last weekend in big tourney, too.  (blog entry to come)   Yikes.


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