Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What's In The Case?

No, this isn't the normal "What's in the Case."  I actually already did that via video a few years ago. 

This is about how when you are walking through the airport or a hotel and you have your cue case with you.  It's inevitable that someone asks you, "What's in the case?"

I always wondered why I would get stopped a lot for that question when I had my cue.  First of all, isn't it obvious it's for a cuestick?  But, I suppose not.

When WE see someone else with a cue case out of the pool room, there's like this magical connection - we know they are pool players, too, and we are connected in a way the average human is not.

But, I'm sure if you travel enough for tourneys you get asked this in the lobbies or at the airports (especially when we could carry our cues onto the planes - 'ole, the good old days).

So, imagine the roll reversal I found myself in last Friday.

My friend was staying in Downtown Fort Worth and I picked her up for dinner.  I then see this:

And there I was, the person who always asked the question of us, "What's in the case?"

She replies, "A javelin."

HEY!  A javelin!  How cool.

Turns out there was a college track meet that weekend in town.  Hope she kicked ass.  And glad I asked the question. :)


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