Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fellow ACS National Champion

This is my friend Steve Hansen.  We are both ACS National Champions!  I won the 9ball women's singles in 2014 and he /just/ won the 8ball men's senior division earlier this month in Vegas.

I saw him last weekend and I was so very mindful of how he must be feeling.  He walked into the pool room, and friends were congratulating him and shaking his hand.

I walked up to him and gave him a big congratulatory hug!  And called him, "Champ" and asked him how he felt.  We each had big smiles as we swapped similar stories.

He said he never thought in a million years he wold be a National Champion, and I remember thinking and feeling the exact same way. 

We shared how we each had goals in our pool life, or maybe even in that tournament (like top 10 he confessed), but never thought he would actually be able to be a National Champion.  I SO related to all he was saying and it was cool to swap our emotions about the win and how unreal it feels!

So, of course we had to get a pic together!  ACS National Champs! 

CONGRATs, Steve!!

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