Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shy About Pool

I set up an appointment to have my carpets cleaned the other day.  So that meant a stranger was going to be in my house.

I put up all my cues and cases and tucked them away so the guy wouldn't see that I played pool.

I know many people probably like to talk about their passions, but I tend to get shy to mention or talk about my career (weather) and my passion (pool).

So, imagine my surprise when I'm sitting on the couch killing time while the guy is busting his a$$ on the carpets when he tries to make small talk, "You a pool shark?"

I replied shyly, "maybe," all the while wondering how he knew I played pool.

Then I looked up from my Candy Crush game - and he was looking at my plaques on the wall.  OH SHIT.  Well, that backfired.

He tried again an hour later, "you're pretty good, huh?"

"Yeah,  I guess so," I kinda-sorta-admittied, as he smiled and laughed as he walked by more plaques.  LOL

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