Monday, May 9, 2016

Break Cue Weight

One of the things I heard from a very good player over 20 years ago was about the weight of a break cue.

A lot of people think you need a heavy-weighted break cue to break well and solid.

So, it was ironic when my friend was trying to find a cuemaker who would lighten up her break cue to around 15 ounces.  It was actually tough for her back then to find someone to do that - only so much weighted bolts in a cue you can remove.

Back on point, though - she recognized that she actually had better control and a more solid/better break with a lighter cue instead of a heavy cue, like people seem to think.

I'm sure there's some study that would corroborate that.  And my intense research on the subject (you know, using shows a few links of interest.

Bottom line it seems to be personal preference and you'll need to test this out for yourself which is better for you.

Me?  I prefer controlled break over power break.  My break cue, while not super light like my friend wanted, is around 18 ounces.  I have tried heavier cues over 20 ounces and they do NOT work for me nor help me break better at all.  I lost control of the cueball pretty easily with a heavier cue, which is not good for my arsenal.  I prefer a controlled break where I can squat the cueball in the center of the table.  And a lighter cue helps me accomplish that.

Hope you find the perfect-weighted break cue for yourself!  Trial and error, baby.  :)

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