Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Team Expectations

I met with my ACS Nationals Women's Team teammates two Sundays ago to get some practice together and also so we could get some good team mojo going.  We all know each other, but it was still a good idea to meet up and spend some quality time together (and on the pool table together).

Before we started, I wanted to give them my expectations of them.  As the Captain, I told them, "I have some expectations that I want you each to really think about for the next 3 weeks before we head to Vegas and play."

I added, "It's important you know this now." 

They sat down and listened.

"I expect us ONLY," (intentional pause) "to HAVE FUN!"

They laughed and smiled.

I shared that I just wanted us to enjoy this awesome experience together.  Having fun is key.

We are all very competitive already and we each play well, but since this is a new group of ladies playing together on a national stage, I thought I would have some fun as Captain and pretend like I was going to give a harsh goal, and instead wanted to remind everyone to have fun!  :)

I also told them, "If I look like I'm getting frustrated, remind ME that we are to have fun!"

Ahh, goals!

Can't wait!  ACS Nationals in Vegas is right around the corner!!

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