Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to Photographing (and Sharing Team Pics)

When was one of the Tournament Directors (TD) for the OB Cues Ladies Tour / Hunter Classics Tour, I was the photographer for the tournaments.  That led me naturally to take photos for at other pool tournaments, also.

When I retired from the Ladies Tour to take care of my Mom, I had no energy to take photos anymore at tourneys.

For a few years, I would take my camera to events and never even take it out of the case to take pics.  I just didn't have the energy or desire to take pics because my mind was back at home with my Mom.

After 16 months of grieving over the horrible loss of my best friend, I started a tour in the DFW area, called the Omega Billiards Tour.  As the TD, I am taking photos of the players.

This has also led to me taking photos at other events, too.  :)

I guess I'm "back in the game" so to speak of taking photos.  And I'm back to enjoying taking pics.  For a while, it was tiring, now it's fun again!  I love it most when people change their profile pic on Facebook to a pic I took of them shooting pool.  Makes me smile!!

Most recently, I took photos at the BCAPL Texas State tourney and I have a few FAV photos I'd like to share with you.  They all happen to be team photos, but the teams were so fun, I just have to share these pics with you!

Below the pics, I will link to the recent photos I have taken at 6 tourneys, in case you want to check them out to see if you know anyone OR see yourself!  :)


I told them after some serious photos to act funny - love it!


I told this team, "Okay Ladies, up against the wall please"  LMAO!

Aren't these ladies fun!!  :)

Here are links to recent events I took photos at:

Omega Tour at JR Pockets, April 2013
BCAPL Texas State Tourney, April 2013
Omega Tour at The Billiard Den, Feb 2013
Omega Tour at Rusty's Billiards in Arlington, Jan 2013
Omega Tour at Speed's Billiards, Nov 2013
Omega Tour at Rusty's Billiards in Fort Worth, Oct 2012

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