Tuesday, April 23, 2013


While I was at the Texas BCAPL Tourney, I was walking down one of the aisles and all of a sudden this female player says at me, "There's a sandbagger."

I replied, "What?" as I kept walking to my destination.

It really bothered me she said that, as she obviously doesn't know me at all.

Ironically, she plays on the OB Cues Ladies Tour, also, so we have seen each other in the same tournaments throughout the year.  She has always impressed me as she seems to always lasts until Sunday and yet I swear she came out of nowhere.

She plays good.

I mentioned her comment to a friend of mine and she laughed and told me that that player was kinda complaining that she was listed as an Advanced Player with the BCAPL and in this tourney she had to add an extra game.  She didn't think it was fair, looking at the other players in the tourney, and she singled me out as one of "those players." 

What pisses me off about her comment, besides the fact that it isn't true, is that she is making a rude judgement about me, plus she is sharing her opinion with other people!  Just because she's upset at her own ranking.

She has NO idea that my goal in life is to win the BCAPL Texas State singles tourney.  And I never have.

So, to think I deliberately stay under the radar is horse-shit

I would rather have won that title already.   TRUST ME.

I would rather have lots of titles under my belt, but guess what woman, I'm not that good yet!

It really chaps my hide, as you can see.

What makes this ALL worse, is I had to play her on the second day of the tournament in the ladies singles division.

I had just won a good match and was playing well.  But when I played her, I was mentally affected because she thought I sandbagged.

She missed in the first game and I tried to get out but missed and she got out instead.  I wasn't very happy that I let her back to the table!

Then I broke dry and she ran out.

Granted, if she thinks I am better than I show, and because she races to six (and I 5) then that should make her try harder.

But, she plays good anyway.

She played good in this match.   Real Good.

She gave me an opportunity in every game but the second one, but I kept missing.   :(

I was SO upset.  I went from a great win to being down 0-4 because I made errors! 

I don't even know how it came up, but at 0-4 it comes up about me being a sandbagger. 

I was like, "What?"

She replies, "You've won an OB Stop right?"

I was defiant, "NO!"

I WISH I have, but I hadn't.

How dare you bring this up when I'm down -04??

Then she says, "well you got second this year."

"Yea, so, what?"

Does that automatically move me up to an advanced player?


She knows how it works, she knows it doesn't happen all of a sudden. She knows I have to play in more National events to get moved up.

To presume and assume and to say that to me really upset me.

Don't tell me I sandbag when I DREAM of winning an OB Tour stop or the Texas State tourney.  You can tell me all day I should be ranked higher than I am currently ranked because you think I play better than an Open Player, but don't think for a minute I deliberately don't win matches.  Wow.  That's just nonsense and not my cup of tea, especially since I want those wins so dang badly.

Btw, she beat me 0-6!

Yes, I didn't get one game!

I was so mentally upset about her judgement about me, I couldn't play well against her.  :(

HOWEVER, she REALLY did play fantastic.  Great runs, great safes.   I was very impressed.  Very.

That was for 7th place and she would get to the finals and come only one game short of winning the tournament. She does have talent. And she should be an advanced player.   But don't judge me and my game and presume I sandbag.

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