Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Killer Instinct Versus My Heart

Yes, I'm still not finished talking about the BCAPL Texas State tourney! 

Sorry, lots of blog entries come up when I go to tourneys :)  And being there for 5-plus days gives me a lot of "material" to write about.

During the team event, I had a very heart-wrenching experience.

It was our 4th match on the winner's side of the Women's Open Team division and we are playing a really good team.  I just had a little misunderstanding (that I will write about soon) with one of the players on the other team.

This misunderstanding occurred next to where the other team was sitting, and also where I happened to be playing my very next match (the current match).  My team was on the other side, so they didn't know any of this was going on.

I felt super bad that I upset one of the other players, and then having to play right away shaking (b/c I don't like conflict), I had to play in front of them all.  And during that game, something ELSE happened!

After a few shots each, my opponent decides she needs to jump for her ball.  She's over the 2 ball (my ball) and she has room to jump the cueball over my other solid.   As she jacks up, she moves the 2 ball about two inches forward by accident.

Sounds like a simple thing right?

Basically, it's simply my option to move the 2ball back or not.

But, it's not that simple.  The 2ball rolled up so far, she now literally has NO room to jump her ball anymore!

The cueball and 2ball are right next to each other and she can't jump the ball anymore.

I walk up to the table and she's standing there and I'm standing there.  I swear, I didn't say a word for a whole minute. I just... stood there.  Thinking.

As I stood there and looked down at the 2ball now resting next to the cueball, and seeing she has no room to jump the ball now, I am TORN!

Yep, I know, it's stupid!

My mind tells me, "Melinda, it's your option and you should NOT move the 2ball back."

My heart tells me, "But then she won't have a shot."

Mind:  "Have the killer instinct, Melinda.  Leave the ball there!"

Heart: "You just had an altercation with another team member and you will REALLY look like a bitch if you don't let her move it back."

My heart and mind were going back and forth and tearing me apart.  I felt TOO bad to leave the 2ball there, but I knew that I *should* leave it there.

Then it dawned on me that since the 2ball rolled up on the cueball that that might be a foul.  Hmmm.

She's been standing there waiting for me to let her know what I want to do and I finally say, "I think it might be a foul because it hit the cueball; let me get a ref."

At this point, I feel somewhat relieved as this will not be up to me, but up to a ref now (hopefully).

He did say it was a foul and I got ball-in-hand.

I didn't get out then but I did end up winning the game.

 It still amazes me that I STILL have trouble following the rules of the table, that argue with the rules of my heart.

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