Friday, March 31, 2017

What Do You Want From Lessons?

Lately, several players have reached out to me for advice.  I am so honored they choose me to ask my thoughts.  And I so much enjoy talking about my experiences to help others.  Been wonderful!

One friend from another state may move to Dallas/Fort Worth and was asking me about lessons. Should he get lessons from a pro (and which one?) or go to a pool school-like place?

I gave my suggestion and then he had GREAT comments/questions and worded them so much better than I ever could about what he is looking for in a one-on-one couch, that I asked him if I could share.

Lucky for us, he said yes :)

He asked me:

"How is his demeanor?  Has he taught before?  The reason I ask is because I don't want to meet up to get lessons from someone who is an arrogant ass.  I won't have enough respect to give him my money.  I need constructive criticism from someone that wants to teach me something about this game.
For Example, when I do a side job at a customers house, adding lights, fans etc., I want them to be happy with the way I just made their home look and feel. The money is a benefit of me making them happy.   
I want a teacher that wants to make me a better player in their heart with the money being a benefit of that. They can honestly say to themselves I made him a better player!  With the money secondary.  It's a mind set good teaching has.  I think some one-on-one coaches don't feel that way; they just want money...bottom line.  And that's not what I'm looking for."

His comments show he isn't just looking for lessons for just anyone, he's looking for lessons from someone who will appreciate giving lessons and not just trying to make a buck or two.  While we may all think this already, I think it's more in the back of our minds.

Most importantly, the correlation to his job and making others happy (money being secondary) really drives home this great point.  I really loved this, and am so excited to share his perspective!

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