Monday, March 20, 2017

Music To My Ears

Some songs really hit home with us, right?

Just as music can make us go back in time to when we were little, or think of loved ones who have passed, or think of current or previous love interests, so can certain songs take us back in time to certain pool instances in our lives.

On the way to work I heard Justin Timberlake's, LoveStoned, and it brought me right back to my dedicated practice sessions days.  I had a goal one time to practice at least 1-2 hours every week for one whole year by myself on a 9-foot table.  I had a certain playlist and listened to it every single time.  And the first song was LoveStoned, which is about an 8-minute song.   And very upbeat and "fun," too.

When I hear that song now, I remember vividly the dedication to the game I loved and how the effort and time I spent practicing really helped me become my future-self of a great player.

Funny how just a song can do that, huh?

I saw Justin Timberlake in concert in Vegas 2-3 of years ago.  If he didn't sing LoveStoned, I promised myself I would walk up to him on stage and kick him in the balls.  Luckily for him, he sang the song :)

A friend of mine all of a sudden will start to play lights out when AC/DC comes on while she's competing.   She would be more carefree and happy and had a spring in her step when the AC/DC songs came on.

I like hip hop music and I also get a little spring in my step and play more comfortably being able to sing the song in my head to some great hip hop, happy-to-me songs while I'm competing.

I remember VERY vividly the song that was playing when I won my first Fast Eddie's Tour stop - I was /almost/ singing it out loud, as I skipped around the table (not really skipping lol) and won my first-ever big tourney.  I had no awareness of anything else (I was completely in the zone) and so when I Can Transform Ya comes on by Chris Brown, I smile big and reflect on that awesome win.

Music has an amazing effect on us.   Sometimes it makes me change the channel, lol, other times it makes me turn the volume up!

We’re all familiar with how certain pieces of music can change our mood, get us  motivated, or help our concentration.  Enjoy the happiness is causes you inside when you play pool.  And, enjoy the memories.

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