Friday, March 10, 2017

Cue Case Gift Surprise

The other day I received a message that someone wanted to send me a gift that someone had ordered for me.  I quickly gave them my work address, as you never know with these stalkers nowadays :)

And I was COMPLETELY caught off guard!

Omega Billiards Supply bought me a case!  BUT!  They handed the hot pink case to fellow player, entrepreneur, and artist Tam Trinh (Mz Tam) so she could get her creativity grove on.  And boy did she ever!

She took a plain hot pink case, stalked my Facebook page, and created THIS amazing gift:  My first-ever custom cue case!

She added a bling elephant (bling for me, duh!, elephant in honor of my Mom), and also a blue M in beads (hello M!):

And she added all of the black cue design over the case as well!

And she creates pool case sleeves and check out what she made for me:

I can't thank Mike Hoang of Omega Billiards Supply enough for thinking of me and getting me this case and then stepping it up to have fellow artist player Mz Tam to turn it into a custom case for me!!  My first custom case, and I've been playing pool for over 25 years.

I am speechless.

THANK YOU, Mike Hoang!!

I sincerely suggest you check out Omega Billiards Supply for all your pool needs, and then when you want any of it custom, contact Mz Tam.

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