Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tourney Payouts Discussion

A friend of mine is helping run tournaments at a place on Sunday nights.

At first, the owner was paying out a normal 3 places for about 16 people.

Word got out (as normally does, lol) and with the extra added money from the place and hearing there is a Calcutta, more players started to show up.

One night they had 40 players!  But, the owner is too new at this and still only paid out 3 spots!

To say the least, the players were taken aback lol.

My friend asked me what he should use to figure out the payouts, as he wants to help the owner and the players.  I told him he can use the app "Payout Calculator" and that will help.

He thanked me and then said, "I also explained to him that he can't have 40 players and just payout 3 spots in a Pool Tournament.   It's not like a prize contest or Potato Sack race."



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