Friday, August 15, 2014

Take Your Time When Struggling

When you are struggling, it's very good to exaggerate your fundamentals.

I remember during a state tournament when I was two-stroking shots because I was nervous.  But... I didn't know I was.  My boyfriend at the time told me, "you are two-stroking.  Take your time.  Stroke more."

And like magic, I started to play better.  I was nervous, heart was racing, I felt a lot of pressure,  and my adrenaline was going wild.  While I know to take deep, deliberate long breathes when my adrenaline is fast, slowing my breathing was not helping my stroke, lol.

But, stroking more and taking my time calmed my fast pace.  And it helped me out.... immensely.

So when an Omega Tour player named Dylan told me two weekends ago, "yeah, I learned you should exaggerate your strokes when you're struggling."  It was a great reminder.

Because as you can all picture in your mind right now, when you feel pressure, you stroke fast, stroke less, jump up easier,  etc.  You can feel all that can't you?  During a high pressure situation?  Right?


But after you have been in many of those situations,  you learn to take your time.  To not play fast.  To not rush yourself.  You find out that taking your time and stroking more during pressure allows you to stay down and get the job done.  Nothing worse than rushing a shot, dogging it, and losing a match or key game.

Exaggerate those strokes!  Take your time!

Time is your friend, my friends.

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