Monday, August 18, 2014

Call Your Safes

Sometimes I feel really silly in a tight 8 ball match when we each keep playing safe back and forth, and I call "safe" every single time, even when the safe is obvious and when the past 5 to 10 trips to the table I've already called safe.

But, I have found myself in a couple of pickles in last 2 months.  Once in Vegas and once in league.

In both matches, we keep playing safe.  Obvious safes, too.

But at one point in each match, I played a safe, didn't say "safe" out loud because it was very obvious I was going to make contact with my ball first and continue the safety battle.

Well, I made my ball!

You may think this is no big deal, but most of the time in 8 ball you want to leave as many of your balls on the table as possible.   AND THEN it was my shot again!  When I had just made a ball by accident, and now have to get out of my own safe!

If I at least would have said "safe" they would have had to get out of my safe, not myself.

Sheeeesh, Melinda.  Learn already, lol.

In Vegas, it was REALLY brutal.  I only tried to "hit" my ball.  In my mind, there was NO chance I would make my ball so I didn't call safe.  Well, I hit it SO badly, I made my ball.  I sat down, ready for my opponent to shoot, but she's looking at me funny.

OH SH!T!  It's still my shot!

I was playing a safe in my mind, but she didn't know it, and so it was my shot next.  Ugh.  Even one of my friends who was watching said after the match, "I was hoping you'd stop making your balls."

I replied, "I know - it was an accident, lol!"

Luckily, I was able to play an even better safe that time (and yes I said "safe," lol).

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