Thursday, August 7, 2014

Did I Miss my Match?

I heard something really funny after the June Omega Billiards Tour stop.

One of the players drank a little too much on Saturday night of the tourney.   I saw him play next to me at one point, when each of our matches were next to each other.

I noticed he was talking more, and a little bit louder and interactive with his opponent than I was used to,  but I haven't really seen him play a lot so didn't know if this was normal for him or unusual.

I did hear him say at one point,  "I'd be beating you more if I was sober.  Just wait til tomorrow! " Or something like that lol,

A couple of weeks later at another tourney he's telling someone about that night and how drunk he was.

He shared, laughing,  "Yeah I was really drunk that night.   So drunk that when I woke up Sunday morning,  I woke up late for my match!   I couldn't believe it.  I quickly checked the brackets that were posted online to see how late I was.  And I saw that I had actually LOST that last match that night and wasn't even still in the tourney Sunday like I thought!"

LOL!  That's hysterical.

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